November. 4-6, 2019

8500 Warden Ave, Markham, ON

Canada’s Tech Titans: Top 19 of 2019 annual award honours Canada’s top 19 most prominent innovative technology leaders of 2019.

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Founded by Plastic Havas, this annual award honours Canada’s top 19 most prominent innovative technology leaders of 2019. This prestigious award honors top technology leaders who have either disrupted an industry through the use of technology, led a digital transformation and/or used technology in innovative ways to deliver business value, whether by creating or enhancing a key competitive advantage, optimizing internal or external business processes, enabling growth or enhancing client relationships.


Nominations are open to technology leaders who have added significant value to the company’s performance through technology and innovation. Candidates do not need to be a C-level executive.

To qualify for the 2019 award, nominees should have recently created a positive change or impact on growth and innovation within their company. The major part of the change or impact should have occurred within the last two years; however, the start or end point does not necessarily have to fall within this time frame.


The 19 winners are invited to the awards ceremony and are announced through social media and various business publications.

Winners will be recognized along side peers and colleagues, as being one of the many technology innovators in the county.

19 winners will be named Canada's Tech Titans!



Nominations for Canada’s Tech Titans: Top 19 of 2019 are open to the public and are submitted through Evoke Canada’s website. Nominees can be nominated by anyone, any organization, or can nominate themselves.


An extensive judging panel reviews the information submitted on the nomination application and scores the nominee based on the criteria given. Submitted nominations go through a first round of judging where we eliminate unqualified candidates. Judges will provide feedback and score the first round of nominations. Applications will be reviewed by a judging committee consisting of tech executives and entrepreneurships from a diverse range of industries.


All scores will then be confidentially tabulated and the top candidates will be re-submitted to all judges for one last review. Results are calculated and feedback is reviewed. Disqualified nominees are removed from judging consideration.


Prior to the final review, a rigorous reference check will be completed to ensure the accuracy of the nomination information. Qualified nominees are confirmed to be in good standing with their company and role. All candidates are checked to make sure information is true and accurate.


The 19 winners will be invited to the CASCON x EVOKE awards ceremony on November. 5th, 2019 where they will receive their award. All scores are kept entirely confidential and are never shared among judges, advertisers, sponsors or other outside parties.

Information subject to change.